The in motion Parks & Trails Day on June 1st is an annual province-wide event promoting healthy, active living in our communities while celebrating the many incredible outdoor spaces in our beautiful province. Led by communities, wellness networks, school leaders and volunteers, it is an opportunity for New Brunswickers to get active by taking to their favourite trails, parks, paths and waterways.

Held for the first time in 2013, the success of in motion Parks & Trails Day continues to grow. This year’s celebration saw a record number of 47 events throughout the province, 44 of which were smoke-free. Tips for organizers on how to advertise their event as smoke-free as well as empower their participants, staff and volunteers to ask smokers to butt out were provided by the New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition in the in motion Parks & Trails Day 2014 Planning Kit. By choosing to make their events smoke-free, communities sent a clear message that enjoying outdoor activities in the fresh air of our beautiful parks and trails is a perk of living in New Brunswick, but exposure to secondhand smoke is not. New Brunswickers favour smoke-free outdoor venues and activities.

Congratulations to all event organizers who went the extra mile in making their outdoor event smoke-free. We all want opportunities to live, work and play in healthier communities. This is a great way to contribute!

What is in motion?

in motion is an evidence-based health promotion strategy that uses physical activity to improve the health of New Brunswick communities. Led by the Healthy Eating Physical Activity Coalition of New Brunswick (HEPAC), this initiative helps get communities “in motion“ by creating partnerships to build community awareness, developing targeted, community-based strategies and creating environments that support physical activity.

Published in October 2014

By Nathalie Landry – NBATC Communications Coordinator