o  We know that the vast majority of cardiac arrests occur outside the hospital.

o  We know that most people experiencing a cardiac arrest in this situation don’t survive.

o  We know that the quick response of bystanders increases the chance for survival.

On October 16, the fourth annual World Restart a Heart (WRAH) day, we invite you to participate in this global campaign to increase public awareness on cardiac arrest and on the importance of learning basic CPR skills and how to use an AED.

Join Heart & Stroke and our international partners by sharing an important message through social media: Everyone can learn basic CPR and how to use an AED.

Each year the theme of World Restart a Heart changes: this year’s theme is about survivors. If it’s possible to share a story or two of survivors who are still with us today thanks to bystander CPR, please use the hashtag #CPRSavedMyLife.

But our collective goal for the day never wavers: to increase bystander CPR to ultimately improve the survival rates of cardiac arrest to help save more lives.

We’ve prepared a social media kit for you that includes posts that you can use as is or customize, and downloadable visuals and 90-second videos on learning CPR and on using AEDs. We encourage you to share the kit with family, friends and colleagues to reach as many people as possible on or around October 16 – and ask them to share it too! Or simply just share our posts with friends, family and colleagues.

Remember to include #WorldRestartAHeart in your posts. The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation, which launched the WRAH initiative, will use the hashtag to track the number of posts. If you opt to lead a webinar or host an WRAH-related event, say, on Facebook, please share your attendance numbers (if you know them) with your Resuscitation Program Manager so we can include them in our Canada-wide tally.

Together, we can make the difference we seek.