Please join us on January 31, 2022 from 10:30am ET – 12:00pm ET for a (free) webinar on “Sabotaging the Cigarette: Methods and Ethical Considerations.”

Many countries worldwide have adopted tobacco control policies that affect the price, availability and presentation of cigarette packs but few have directly addressed the fundamental make-up of the cigarette itself. To accelerate progress towards a ‘smoke-free’ future further policies that target the addictiveness, palatability and appeal of cigarettes should be considered. A discussion of these policies should also reflect upon important ethical considerations and potential unintended consequences of their enactment.

Topics and speakers include:

Individual cigarette health warnings (Rob Cunningham – Canadian Cancer Society)
Very low nicotine content cigarettes (VLNCs) (Dr Tracey Smith – Medical University of South Carolina)
Changing the palatability (e.g., pH, additives) of the cigarettes (Dr Maciej Goniewicz – Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center)
Removing cigarette filters (Dr Tom Novotny – San Diego State university)