Business decision to combine sale of vaping products with universe of candy flavours shows urgency to prohibit flavored vaping liquids

Montreal, February 21, 2023 — The Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control is drawing attention to an emerging phenomenon linked to the sale of vaping products, namely the transformation of specialized vaping stores where the minors are barred from entering into businesses that welcome minors and
specialize in selling vaping products and exotic candies.

In a complaint addressed to Health Minister Christian Dubé, the Coalition explains that at least two vaping stores chains in the greater Montreal area and some stores in Quebec City have replaced their displays of vaping product with displays of exotic candy and beverages which, under Quebec law, renders them into ordinary outlets like convenience stores. While these retailers continue to advertise themselves from the outside as vape stores, they can welcome minors in an environment that combines an array of colourful and exotic candy flavours alongside the sale of vaping products, although vaping products cannot be openly displayed.