Health Canada is pleased to offer a Consider the Consequences of Vaping self-led module to help and support educators in engaging with youth on vaping.

This online module aims to provide youth aged 13-18 with information about vaping to help them make informed decisions about their health. The module offers three key topic areas which can be used in classrooms or community settings to educate teens on the harms and risks associated with youth vaping. The module includes engaging activities, informative content, and videos.

The module covers the following topics:

Part One – An introduction to teen vaping and its harms and risks.

Part Two – Information on the health effects of vaping nicotine and cannabis for teens.

Part Three – Insights into the cost of vaping, and tips and tricks to overcome peer pressure.

Also included is a user guide which provides information about and how to use the module as well as a list of additional resources.

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