Today, the Government of Canada issued a news release launching public consultations to inform the second legislative review of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA).

The TVPA is the federal legislation that protects the health of people in Canada from tobacco-related death and disease. It regulates the manufacture, sale, labelling and promotion of tobacco and vaping products. It includes a requirement to review its provisions and operation three years after the day on which it came into force, and every two years thereafter.

The first review, completed in December 2022, focused on the vaping-related provisions of the TVPA – in particular provisions to protect young persons. Complete findings of the first review can be found in the Report of the First Legislative Review of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act.

This review, the second legislative review of the TVPA, will focus on the tobacco-related provisions and operation of the TVPA. Specifically, it will assess whether progress is being made towards achieving the tobacco-related objectives of the TVPA and whether the federal response, from a legislative perspective, is sufficient in addressing tobacco use in Canada. This review will serve to complement the first review on vaping products and together provide a baseline assessment of the TVPA.

At this time we are seeking comments, data, and perspectives from Canadians, stakeholders and experts. Please feel free to submit any evidence that you may have to support your responses. All submissions will be reviewed and considered in the development of a final report, which will be tabled in Parliament. Please note that your comments will remain confidential and will therefore not be attributed to a specific individual or organization.

This consultation process will run for eight weeks from September 7, 2023 to November 3, 2023. A discussion paper that contains a list of key questions for your consideration is posted online at:

You are invited to share your views with us at by November 3, 2023.

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