When parliamentarians return to Ottawa mid-month, they will be greeted with graphic reminders of the need for regulatory action to end the sale of flavoured vaping liquids.

Heart & Stroke has commissioned the placement of small billboards on the perimeter of the parliamentary precinct and sandwiching the Prime Ministers Office.

The campaign is simple and graphic. Each of the three executions of the campaign features flavourings in the context of the damage they can do to the cardio-vascular system. “Berry Blast can increase the risk of heart disease”, “Mango Crush can increase the risk of stroke”“Cool Mint can damage blood vessels.

The posters also appear in transit stops near Health Canada’s headquarters. The campaign is also being delivered to decision-makers through news-services popular with political staff, like the Hill Times.

This is not the first advertising campaign by health organizations calling for federal action on flavours, but it is the most extensive to date.