In its budget delivered yesterday, New Brunswick indicated that it will participate in the federal vaping product tax with an intended implementation date of Jan. 1, 2025.  The main estimates indicate that this is projected to raise $1 million in fiscal 2024-25 (which would be for the three months beginning Jan. 1, 2025).  Here are the main estimates:

New Brunswick Budget 2024-25
Budget Speech (excerpt)
March 19, 2024

Mr. Speaker, the prevalence of youth vaping remains a significant concern in the province. Almost 13% of high school students in New Brunswick report vaping daily. Studies show that youth are price-sensitive and less likely to start vaping as the price rises. We have already implemented a flavoured vape ban and intend to strengthen vaping enforcement.

As a complementary measure, I am pleased to announce the government’s intent to enter into a coordinated vaping product taxation agreement with the federal government. All provinces and territories without a vaping tax have signaled their intent to enter into such agreements. New Brunswick would be 8 part of the second wave of participating provinces and territories, with an intended implementation date for the coordinated vaping duty of January 1, 2025.

Under the agreement, the federal government will be responsible for administration and enforcement of the coordinated vaping duty. In addition to the existing federal excise duty, a provincial excise duty rate of $1 per two millilitres or grams, or fraction thereof, for the first ten millilitres or grams of vaping substance, and $1 per ten millilitres or grams, or fraction thereof, for additional volumes will apply. The excise duty is based on the volume of vaping substance in each vaping product.