26 March 2024
FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government has introduced amendments to the Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Sales Act to prevent vaping by youngsters.
“Since amendments were introduced in 2021, banning flavoured vape liquids, and in 2022, licensing vape shops, enforcement officers with the Department of Justice and Public Safety have reported widespread non-compliance with the licensing requirements and flavour ban amongst vape shops,” said Health Minister Bruce Fitch. “Further amendments are needed to strengthen the regulatory framework of the sale of tobacco, smoking supplies, electronic cigarettes and vaping liquids to improve overall compliance and protect the health of young New Brunswickers.”
The proposed amendments to the act and its regulation would require every retailer of electronic cigarettes and vaping liquids to be licensed.
Inspectors would be given the power to seize items they believe are evidence of an offence under the act and allow those items to be forfeited to the Crown for disposal following a conviction.
The minister would have authority to create regulations requiring vendors, manufacturers or distributors of tobacco, smoking supplies and electronic cigarettes, including vaping liquids, to submit samples of their product to an inspector for testing.
The proposed amendments would also prohibit the use of vending machines for the sale of tobacco, smoking supplies, electronic cigarettes or vaping liquids, and require retailers to request identification from those who look 25 or younger.
In addition, retailers would be required to post notices of convictions and licence suspensions or revocations.
The cost of licences would increase to $200 from $100 to help offset the costs of enforcement.

Media Contact(s)

Sean Hatchard, communications, Department of Health, sean.hatchard@gnb.ca.