About Us – Steering Committee, Employees and Working Groups

SVFNB Steering Committee

The SVFNB Steering Committee members represent a blend of government and non-government stakeholders. Members include those who play a key role in anti-tobacco activities or have influence in policy development and decision-making.

Our Steering Committee meets on a regular basis and acts on behalf of SVFNB to coordinate the implementation and evaluation of key goals and objectives.

SVFNB Terms of Reference
SVFNB Guiding Principles of Operations

Our Steering Committee Members include representatives from the following organizations:


We have two coordinators who provide support to the SVFNB Steering Committee and Working Groups, lead priority projects, and implement a communications strategy.

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SVFNB Working Groups

Working groups are groups or individuals working directly with a steering committee member on a key objective.  These members attend meetings and/or work on activities essential to achieving their objectives.  Time commitment may be short-term or long-term depending on the needs of the working group.

We currently have the following active Working Groups:

Provincial Vaping Working Group