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Federal Health Ministers refer to vaping liquids for message on National Poison Prevention Week

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Message from the Minister of Health and the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions and Associate Minister of Health on National Poison Prevention Week - March 20 to [...]

Notice of Intent – Consultation on the Cannabis Regulations: Cannabis research and other regulatory issues

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Health Canada is publishing this Notice of Intent to provide interested stakeholders with the opportunity to comment on Health Canada’s intent to amend the Cannabis Regulations (CR) [...]

Canadians who report lower self-perceived mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic more likely to report increased use of cannabis, alcohol and tobacco

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed Canadians’ lives in previously unimaginable ways in a very short period of time. Given the disruption and stress it [...]

Tobacco Use in Canada – Cannabis Supplement – University of Waterloo – 2017

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This supplement provides an overview of cannabis and tobacco use, specifically in the Canadian context. National estimates of cannabis and tobacco use in Canada [...]

Preventing Problematic Substance Abuse in Youth – Chief Public Health Officer, Government of Canada – 2018

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Learn what you can do to raise awareness about prevention, harm reduction, treatment and recovery related to substance abuse, including tobacco, among youth. [...]

Cannabis and Youth: By the Numbers – New Brunswick Health Council – 2019

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Here is what we currently know about cannabis use by youth in New Brunswick. Website

Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CTADS) – Statistics Canada (2017)

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General population survey of tobacco, alcohol and drug use among Canadians aged 15 years and older conducted by Statistics Canada on behalf of Health [...]

Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CSTADS) – Statistics Canada (2018-2019)

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Survey of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use among Canadian students in grades 7 to 12 conducted by the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact [...]

NB Student Wellness Survey (Grades 6-12) – New Brunswick Department of Social Development (2018-2019)

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Survey on wellness (including tobacco use and vaping) among students in grades 6 to 12 across schools in New Brunswick conducted by the New [...]

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