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System Failure: Healthcare inequities continue to leave women’s heart and brain health behind

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It is time to transform the system Women make up just over half of Canada’s population. But gaps in research, diagnosis and care threaten [...]

Drop the Illusion!

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Vaping information and resources for teachers and instructors. Website

Advancing Health Equity Through Cancer Information and Support Services: Report on communities that are underserved

2023-11-20T14:54:15+00:00Tags: , , |

In 2019, the Canadian Cancer Society carried out the underserved communities project to identify communities that face barriers to accessing cancer information, support and [...]

Stroke and mental health: The invisible and inequitable effects on women

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Heart & Stroke News Release New report: Women’s mental health is threatened after stroke Depression and anxiety are more common in women but services [...]

Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers

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This November, as part of Radon Action Month, Health Canada is encouraging Canadians to test their homes for radon. Radon is the number one cause [...]

Canadian Cancer Statistics: A 2022 special report on cancer prevalence

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A new report released today by the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) shows that the number of people living with or beyond cancer in this [...]

Announcement: New Website for the Live Well | Bien Vivre Program

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A new website for the Live Well | Bien Vivre program has been launched. LWBV is an evidence-based program using best practices to support [...]

Heart failure in Canada: complex, incurable and on the rise

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Heart & Stroke News Release Heart failure in Canada: complex, incurable and on the rise A national action plan will increase access to diagnosis, [...]

World Restart a Heart Day

2021-10-14T14:20:31+00:00Tags: , , , |

o  We know that the vast majority of cardiac arrests occur outside the hospital. o  We know that most people experiencing a cardiac arrest in this situation don't survive. o  We [...]

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