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Advancing Health Equity Through Cancer Information and Support Services: Report on communities that are underserved

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In 2019, the Canadian Cancer Society carried out the underserved communities project to identify communities that face barriers to accessing cancer information, support and [...]

Stroke and mental health: The invisible and inequitable effects on women

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Heart & Stroke News Release New report: Women’s mental health is threatened after stroke Depression and anxiety are more common in women but services [...]

Canadian Cancer Statistics: A 2022 special report on cancer prevalence

2022-11-17T18:11:35+00:00Tags: , , , , |

A new report released today by the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) shows that the number of people living with or beyond cancer in this [...]

Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey, 2021

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Released: 2022-05-05 According to recent results from the 2021 Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey (CTNS), vaping continues to be more prevalent among younger adults than older age [...]

Heart failure in Canada: complex, incurable and on the rise

2022-02-01T14:46:36+00:00Tags: , , , |

Heart & Stroke News Release Heart failure in Canada: complex, incurable and on the rise A national action plan will increase access to diagnosis, [...]

World Restart a Heart Day

2021-10-14T14:20:31+00:00Tags: , , , |

o  We know that the vast majority of cardiac arrests occur outside the hospital. o  We know that most people experiencing a cardiac arrest in this situation don't survive. o  We [...]

Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey, 2020, results released

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On March 17, 2021, initial results from the Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey (CTNS), 2020, were released.  Below is information from Statistics Canada.  CTNS [...]

How the pandemic got people smoking again

2020-11-19T14:40:46+00:00Tags: , , |

The pandemic has encouraged us to pick up some pretty bad habits: bingeing (of television, food, and alcohol varieties), ghosting, doomscrolling, impulse shopping — but one that seems particularly counterintuitive is [...]

Study: Tobacco Use and Food Insecurity in New Brunswick

2020-11-30T13:50:19+00:00Tags: |

The aim of this study is to determine the nature of the relationship between smoking, food insecurity, and health outcomes. More Information [...]

Cigarette butts are more harmful than plastic straws and stir sticks

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Cigarette butts have been identified as a much more frequent waste problem than plastic straws or carrier bags. In the most recent Greats Canadian Shoreline [...]

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