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Let’s Talk About Vaping: A Quick Reference Guide

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The Horizon Health Network's Centre of Excellence for Clinical Smoking Cessation has created a vaping toolkit for the Healthy Learners in School Program of [...]

Report: There are now 100 universities/colleges in Canada with 100% smoke-free campuses

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The Canadian Cancer Society report University and College 100% Smoke-Free Campuses in Canada: National Status Report indicates that there are now 100 universities and colleges in [...]

Tobacco-Free Schools Action Guide – Smoke and Vape Free NB, Canadian Cancer Society and Health Canada – 2006

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The tobacco-free schools initiative uses a comprehensive school health approach to prevent and reduce youth tobacco use by changing the school environment through programs, [...]

The Wellness Movement – Tools for Partners

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A number of tools were created to make it easy to align your messaging and promotional materials with those of The Wellness Movement. They [...]

The Wellness Movement – Wellness Week

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Each year, Wellness Week (October 1st to 7th) provides an opportunity to recognize everyone’s efforts in promoting wellness and growing The Wellness Movement in [...]

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Coalition (HEPAC)

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HEPAC is a coalition of government and non-government organizations that collaborate to foster positive change related to healthy eating and physical activity in New [...]

The Wellness Movement – Connect with Wellness in your Region

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The Wellness Movement’s regional webpages make it easy to connect with your local Wellness Networks, and stay informed about wellness initiatives happening near you. [...]

The Wellness Movement – School Wellness Toolkit

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Designed to complement existing wellness initiatives in NB schools, the School Wellness Toolkit offers information and fresh ideas to help you champion The Wellness [...]

The Wellness Movement

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The Wellness Movement is a collective, ongoing effort in New Brunswick to inspire and support the creation of wellness-supporting environments, including tobacco-free and smoke-free [...]

Healthy School Planner: How to Use – Joint Consortium for School Health

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At a glance information on how to use the Joint Consortium for School Health's Healthy School Planner. PDF [...]

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