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“Don’t Beat Yourself Up and Stop Trying When You Have Setbacks. Get the Professional Help You Need and Try a Different Approach.” Mike and Karen McGraw Share How Being Smoke-Free Has Positively Impacted Their Lives.


This past winter, the New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (NBATC) held a Twitter contest inviting citizens to celebrate National Non-Smoking Week (Jan 17-23, 2016) by [...]

A Father and Artist’s Journey to Becoming Smoke-Free: Patrick Hardy’s Story


Patrick Hardy, 42, is a well-known spokesperson for autism, thanks to a book series called My Friend Sam, which presents the daily struggles that [...]

The Journey Into Motherhood as a Catalyst for Embracing a Healthier Tobacco-Free Lifestyle: Four New Brunswick Women Share Their Story.


Most people who have recently quit smoking will agree that getting over a nicotine addiction requires a lot of determination. You must not only [...]

Tobacco Is Harmful to Animals Too: Embracing Tobacco-Free Living Is the Best Thing Pet Owners Can Do!


The harmful effects of second-hand cigarette smoke are well known, which is why many smokers will refrain or are asked to refrain from smoking [...]

“My Daughter Sophie Was my Inspiration to Live Tobacco-Free!”


Wellness Week Contest Winner Lynne Pitcher Shares Her Quit Smoking Journey  Lynne Pitcher, 37, Riverview, NB, credits her daughter Sophie, 5, for being the [...]

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