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5th ANNUAL FORUM on Nicotine Addiction Adapting to Changes in the Approach to Nicotine Addiction

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June 3, 2021 8:30 am to 3:30 pm FREE • OFFERED IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH VIRTUAL EVENT VIA THE ZOOM PLATFORM Vitalité Health Network [...]

Indigenous Populations and New Brunswick’s Tobacco-Free Living Strategy 

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The prevalence of smoking among Indigenous peoples is approximately 2 to 5 times higher than among non-Indigenous Canadians1. In New Brunswick, almost twice as many Indigenous youth [...]

Quit Continuing Education – Canadian Pharmacists Association

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Across Canada, provinces are enhancing pharmacists’ scopes of practice to include prescribing smoking cessation medications, offering reimbursement for professional services and even providing free [...]

Supporting Pre- and Postnatal Women and Their Families Who Use Tobacco – Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

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This course addresses the special considerations that need to be taken into account when providing smoking cessation assistance to pre- and postnatal women and [...]

Nurses and Other Health Professionals Who Smoke -– Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

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Nurses and other health professionals who smoke may feel conflicted because of intimate knowledge and experience with the consequences of smoking. This course aims [...]

Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals Helping Clients Quit Smoking – Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

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Nurses and other healthcare professionals have many opportunities to help people address their smoking habits. Website

Integrating Tobacco Interventions Into Daily Practice – Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

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This module will provide nurses and other health-care providers with the foundational knowledge to start engaging with their clients who use tobacco to help [...]

Tobacco Use and Cessation with Youth and Young Adults in Canada – Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

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Discusses key concepts regarding tobacco use by youth and young adults, such as prevalence rates, motivations for tobacco use and cessation, and specific tobacco [...]

Tobacco and Health: From Cells to Society – Ontario Tobacco Research Unit

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This graduate-level course is offered via webinar to students across Canada through the Graduate Department of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at [...]

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