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There are also many more resources on our Quit-Smoking – Adults page.

Tools, Tips and Support for Individuals

Adult Tobacco Cessation Campaign

From March 15 to 29, 2021, Health Canada’s Adult tobacco cessation campaign reminded Canadians 50+ who smoke that it’s never too late to quit and that getting support improves their chances of quitting.

We invite you to explore the campaign materials, and to kindly consider amplifying these important messages organically through your communication channels.

Click our Google Drive to view or download shareable content, including:

  • Video (or share directly from YouTube in English and French)
  • Animated banners
  • Facebook carousel
  • File with suggested text and URLs

You’ll also find newly updated web content at

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Announcement: New Website for the Live Well | Bien Vivre Program

A new website for the Live Well | Bien Vivre program has been launched.

LWBV is an evidence-based program using best practices to support client-led health behaviour change. Their professional health coaching is offered in English and French, at no charge, to all New Brunswickers 19 and older.

FREE Smoking Cessation Clinic – Vitalité Health Network

The Smoking Cessation Clinic provides individual consultations to those who want to stop smoking or vaping.

  • Overcome nicotine dependance
  • Quit smoking
  • Quit vaping

If you want to stop smoking, please call your nearest Smoking Cessation Clinic. A counselor will provide you with information and tips on giving up tobacco.

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Health Coaches – Live Well / Bien Vivre

Live Well | Bien Vivre (LW|BV) is a Health Coaching program residing with Heart and Stroke Foundation New Brunswick and funded by the Government of New Brunswick. Free and accessible to anyone 19 and older, Health Coaches are present in various regions across the province working to support clients in the pursuit of their wellness goals, including tobacco and smoke-free living. Their unique approach guides clients through stages of change, while connecting participants with community resources and supporting self determination. Live Well | Bien Vivre wants to see New Brunswickers’ health and wellness thrive and is dedicated to having a positive impact on health outcomes to prevent chronic disease. 

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Inspiring Success Stories

Inspiring Success Stories

The New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (NBATC) shares success stories from individuals, groups and organizations who have taken action to live tobacco and smoke-free in their homes, schools, workplace, and communities. An interesting collection of stories that highlight inspiring ideas and celebrates champions within our province is published here on our website.

We also encourage you to follow us on social media – look for the #TobaccoFreeLiving #Champions hashtags to find these inspiring stories.

We are always looking for new stories to share! Contact us!

Check out our latest story!

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New Cessation Website for NB

Podcast: “Why It Is Never Too Late to Quit Smoking” – – 2017

In this podcast, Dr. Anthony Alberg notes that quitting smoking is not easy and yet it is something that all people who have been diagnosed with cancer should strive to do because of the health benefits.

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Smoke Free Curious

About Smoke Free Curious

“Smoke Free Curious”, is a national and bilingual tobacco cessation social marketing campaign that aims to motivate Canadian adult tobacco users aged 35-64 to quit or reduce their commercial tobacco use.
The project is a partnership of four non-profit health organizations made possible through funding from Health Canada, Substance Use and Addictions Program. The partners include: The Canadian Cancer Society (Project Lead), Canadian Lung Association, Canadian Public Health Association, and Heart & Stroke.

The partners are joined by the performance measurement and evaluation provider, The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, The University of Toronto.

Campaign Goals:

• Increase awareness of a) harms of smoking; b) benefits of quitting/reducing in a meaningful way;
• Connect tobacco users to evidence-based tools and resources; and,
• Encourage people to make a quit attempt (E.g., Quit and Win Contest)

Target Audiences:
• Adult commercial tobacco users across Canada aged 35-64 from both English and French-speaking groups


For the audience

• Visit to explore tobacco cessation tools & resources

1. Use the calculator and see how much you can save.
2. Learn about local quit smoking resources by using Quit Map
3. Chat in real-time with a Smokers’ Helpline Quit Coach via Live Chat on the website.

• Register for a free trial offer of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to aid in your quit smoking journey (while supplies last)
• Commit to quit and register for your chance to win a cash prize (when available)

• For free advice and support, call the toll-free Pan-Canadian Quitline at 1-866-366-3667

Smoke Free Curious Campaign

For the audience
• Visit to explore quit smoking tools & resources:
1. Use the Quit Calculator to find out how much $ can you save
when you quit smoking
2. Find local quit smoking programs in the Quit Map
3. Read free Self-Help booklets containing the best available evidence
about quitting smoking
4. Chat in real-time with a Smokers’ Helpline Quit Coach via Live Chat
5. Order a free Trial Pack of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) (while supplies last)
6. Enter for a chance to win $250 in the #IamQuitting Contest by sharing your
quit smoking milestone (when available)
7. Call the toll-free Pan-Canadian Quitline at 1-866-366-3667 for free,
confidential, personalized support

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Smoking Cessation Program – Horizon Health Network

New Brunswickers accessing care at facilities in Horizon Health Network will be offered smoking cessation support from a healthcare provider during their visit.

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Smoking, Vaping and Tobacco – Health Canada

Learn about vaping, tobacco products, effects of smoking, second-hand smoke, prevention and quitting.

The Wellness Movement – Connect with Wellness in your Region

The Wellness Movement’s regional webpages make it easy to connect with your local Wellness Networks, and stay informed about wellness initiatives happening near you. You’ll find event calendars, resources, information, tools, photos, and inspiring stories, as well as a list of Regional Wellness Networks in your area.

The Wellness Movement – Seniors

The Wellness Movement for seniors is growing in New Brunswick! This web page connects you with local wellness groups, tools and resources catered to and designed for seniors’ wellness.

The Wellness Movement – Wellness Tip Card – Tobacco-Free Living – 2019

A tip card about tobacco-free living, one of the focus areas of The Wellness Movement.

Tools For A Smoke-Free Life

Campaign backgrounder

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Tools for a smoke-free life: Postcard

Explore tools for a smoke-free life.

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World No Tobacco Day 2021

31 May is World No Tobacco Day

This yearly celebration informs the public on the dangers of using tobacco, the business practices of tobacco companies, what WHO is doing to fight the tobacco epidemic, and what people around the world can do to claim their right to health and healthy living and to protect future generations.

The Member States of the World Health Organization created World No Tobacco Day in 1987 to draw global attention to the tobacco epidemic and the preventable death and disease it causes. In 1987, the World Health Assembly passed Resolution WHA40.38, calling for 7 April 1988 to be a “a world no-smoking day.” In 1988, Resolution WHA42.19 was passed, calling for the celebration of World No Tobacco Day, every year on 31 May.

“Commit to quit”

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to millions of tobacco users saying they want to quit. Commit to quit today and sign the pledge.

More than 100 reasons to quit tobacco

Tobacco causes 8 million deaths every year. When evidence was released this year that smokers were more likely to develop severe disease with COVID-19 compared to non-smokers, it triggered millions of smokers to want to quit tobacco. Quitting can be challenging, especially with the added social and economic stress that have come as a result of the pandemic, but there are a lot of reasons to quit.

The benefits of quitting tobacco are almost immediate. After just 20 minutes of quitting smoking, your heart rate drops. Within 12 hours, the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal. Within 2-12 weeks, your circulation improves and lung function increases. Within 1-9 months, coughing and shortness of breath decrease. Within 5-15 years, your stroke risk is reduced to that of a non-smoker. Within 10 years, your lung cancer death rate is about half that of a smoker. Within 15 years, your risk of heart disease is that of a non-smoker. If that’s not enough here are a few more reasons!

Learning Resources for Community Leaders and Health Care Professionals

View a list of resources on our Quit Smoking: Adults page.

Sucsess Stories – Seniors Who Quit Smoking

It’s Never Too Late to Quit Smoking! Two Inspiring New Brunswick Women Show that Tobacco-Free Living Can be Achieved and Is Worth It for Long-Term Smokers.

Corinne Savage (66, Riverview, NB) and Yvette Austin (79, Saint Pons, NB) are two inspiring women in their senior years who prove that tobacco-free living is possible at any age and is worth it—even after decades of being a smoker. Both were contacted by the NBTAC upon sharing on Facebook how proud they were to have quit smoking. Their comments were made during the NBATC’s 2018 National Non-Smoking Week #SayNoToTobacco Contest. “One morning I just decided I had had enough and that I needed to quit smoking or I was going to end up with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease [...]

Marlene O’Neill Celebrates Tobacco-Free Living. Freedom from Cigarettes After Being a Smoker for 50 Years.

Marlene O'Neill, winner of the NBATC's #SayNoToTobacco Facebook contest. Proud to be now living tobacco-free! This past January, the NBATC held a #SayNoToTobacco Facebook contest celebrating National Non-Smoking Week by encouraging people to share why they are proud to live tobacco-free and encourage a friend or loved one on their own tobacco-free living journey. The winning entry was Marlene O’Neill (64 years old, Waasis, NB), who received a $50 prize for her participation. Eager to take advantage of the contest, she wanted to share the fact that she had recently quit smoking and was still going strong 5 months [...]

“People don’t realize just how powerful of an addiction it can be.” Randy Hunter Hopes His Story Can Warn Young People About the Dangers of Tobacco.

Mayor Randy Hunter, 64, of Tide Head, New Brunswick is one of those energetic and positive people you instantly like upon meeting. The former teacher (34 years of service at various schools, with the last 12 years at Sugarloaf Senior High School in Campbellton) turned mayor is a much-loved member of his community, having spent his entire life devoted to community service. Despite a recent near death-scare and numerous health issues, Randy continues to love and thrive in his role as Mayor. Eager to share his story, he has a powerful warning about the dangers of tobacco. Randy used [...]

“Don’t Beat Yourself Up and Stop Trying When You Have Setbacks. Get the Professional Help You Need and Try a Different Approach.” Mike and Karen McGraw Share How Being Smoke-Free Has Positively Impacted Their Lives.

This past winter, the New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (NBATC) held a Twitter contest inviting citizens to celebrate National Non-Smoking Week (Jan 17-23, 2016) by posting photos of signs indicating smoke-free outdoor public spaces in their communities. The goal was to shine a spotlight on the many outdoor public spaces, including entrances and exits to public buildings, in the province that are now smoke-free under the revised Smoke-free Places legislation which came into effect in July 2015, and to remind New Brunswickers of the importance of respecting these new smoke-free zones and spaces. One participant, in particular, stood out with [...]

Smoker’s Helpline – Cessation Support Only A Click or Call Away

Current research shows that about half of cancers can be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices and policies that protect the public. The single best thing a person can do to improve one’s health is to quit smoking. Take Karen Hodgin, of Riverview, for example. She smoked for 48 years, but thanks to Smokers’ Helpline, a free, confidential and non-judgmental service available to Canadians who want to quit tobacco use or need help staying smoke-free, and the support of family and friends, she has been smoke-free since 2013. Karen began smoking at the age of 14, while walking to school [...]

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