‘Stay the hell away from our kids’: Health minister vows to restrict nicotine pouches — but how?

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Mark Holland says he wants to immediately close loopholes for nicotine replacement products like Zonnic Canada's health minister says he'll seek extra authority to restrict the [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Call to the federal government to intervene on nicotine pouches

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News Release While Quebec’s Order of Pharmacists and British Columbia have intervened to protect kids from easy access to nicotine pouches, the federal government [...]

Green light for the introduction of tobacco cost recovery fees that would force manufacturers to pay cost of tobacco-related investments

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Montreal, November 21, 2023 – The Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control welcomes the inclusion in the Liberal government's fall economic update of a proposal [...]

Advancing Health Equity Through Cancer Information and Support Services: Report on communities that are underserved

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In 2019, the Canadian Cancer Society carried out the underserved communities project to identify communities that face barriers to accessing cancer information, support and [...]

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