Let’s Talk About Vaping: A Quick Reference Guide

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The Horizon Health Network's Centre of Excellence for Clinical Smoking Cessation has created a vaping toolkit for the Healthy Learners in School Program of [...]

Six take-aways from Canada’s student smoking survey

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This past week Health Canada released the results of the most recent Canadian Student, Alcohol and Tobacco Survey, with data collected in selected schools across [...]

Consider the Consequences of Vaping Self-led Module

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Health Canada is pleased to offer a Consider the Consequences of Vaping self-led module to help and support educators in engaging with youth on vaping. This [...]

Pilot project seeks community-driven solutions to substance use among youth

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SAINT JOHN (GNB) – A pilot project is being launched to help communities find ways to reduce substance use among youth. The five-year project [...]

Heart Healthy Schools 2022-2023

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The Heart Healthy Schools program teaches students about healthy habits across four different theme weeks - Explore Vegetables & Fruit, Discover Water, Joyful Movement, and [...]

Break It Off launched a new advertising campaign!

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Young adult smoking cessation campaign Break It Off, a collaborative campaign by Health Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society, helps young adults aged 20-24 [...]

New survey results show a flattening of youth vaping rates

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Statistics Canada released the results of its second annual survey on tobacco and vaping. The Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey (CTNS) was first conducted in [...]

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