‘Poison in every puff’: Individual cigarettes sold in Canada are now labelled with health warnings in a world first

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Shoppers are already noticing some cigarettes individually labelled with health warnings in stores — and pretty soon, it will be the standard. The Canadian regulation, the [...]

Ontario Cracking Down on Cellphone Use and Banning Vaping in Schools

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April 28, 2024 Ontario’s plan to refocus the education system on getting back-to-basics in the classroom includes new standardized provincewide measures, increased parent communication [...]

‘Stay the hell away from our kids’: Health minister vows to restrict nicotine pouches — but how?

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Mark Holland says he wants to immediately close loopholes for nicotine replacement products like Zonnic Canada's health minister says he'll seek extra authority to restrict the [...]

New Brunswick: 12 Anglophone West schools using sensors that detect bathroom vaping

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Anglophone North School District piloting sensors More New Brunswick schools are installing high-tech sensors in their bathrooms to detect student vaping. Vaping seems to [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Call to the federal government to intervene on nicotine pouches

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News Release While Quebec’s Order of Pharmacists and British Columbia have intervened to protect kids from easy access to nicotine pouches, the federal government [...]

Drop the Illusion!

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